Our Aim

1) In this Modern age of science & tech and competitive business environment,  University provides opportunity  for acquiring quality education and develops among the learners competitive  edge, gaining new knowledge and insights into the fundamentals of Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and other disciplines to understand the world and universe in true colors.

2) Providing peaceful and prosperous educational atmosphere without any break or disturbance in the morning and evening hours for imparting quality education.

3) In SALU we make sure to maintain the standard of excellence through the services of intellectuals, scientists, professionals, academicians and researchers.

4) In SALU we have foreign and local faculty members for quality education, creating opportunity of foreign scholarships, training and development facilities for teachers for strengthening their teaching and research skills.

5) Availability of scientific labs, computer labs, and installation of latest equipment in the laboratories for practice of the students and researchers.

6)Taking endeavors for the development of quality infrastructure for the students, faculty and supporting staff by providing classrooms furniture, lecture halls, well-equipped laboratories, sports complexes, playgrounds, hostels, transport and accommodation, etc.

7) To provide higher education, by establishing important academic department on the Campus to impart education in various fields of Science, Arts & Commerce.

8) To devise design and develop new technologies suited to different and varied needs of the community and the nation..

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